January 2018

Good morning friends, clients, and new visitors of Our Mary.
We are sending out this message today because even though our main priority is to please our clients and to make sure they have an amazing time on Our Mary, that goal is sometimes not achieved.
On Sunday January 7th 2018, we had a very lovely couple go out to sea on a 7 hour trip. After 2 hours on the boat, our client started feeling sick in her stomach and everyone on board came to a mutual agreement to go back to the dock under the condition that we reschedule the remaining 5 hours of the trip, to today’s date January 9th 2018. But like stated earlier our guests weren’t satisfied with the 5 hours offered and asked for the full 7 hours. They said that the time it takes to get to the actual fishing spot, shouldn’t count as the time for the entire trip. For our future clients we would like you to know that this does not work this way in any form. The 7 hour trip starts from the time we leave the port, to the time we arrive back at the docks.
This is the first time something like this happens with us during our years of business.
We would like to wish everyone a great day, and we’ll see you next time out at sea.
Sincerely, Our Mary.

Our Mary - Madeira Island Fishing