Video with Mr Luc Goos

On our latest trip a 7h shared charter, we had three fisherman and two observers. One of them Mr Luc Goos, joined by his wife. The day was sunny and the sea flat and highlighted with him tagging and releasing a 350 lbs Blue Marlin.

The Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is the most exiting species of fish to catch around the world. Without a doubt the Blue Marlin is the boss of all the other fish. Many world wide fishing tournaments are built and focused around the Blue Marlin, because catching one of these fish is an experience never to be forgotten.

Pamela is back.

Every year, Mrs Pamela Watson joins us for a few days fishing. She went out on the 11th Jult and striked a 180 lbs Tuna. Nice one Pam!

Wahoo’s early arrival.

On the14th of July, we had an exciting morning. Angler Soten Christensen caught a 60 Lbs White Marlin and young angler Conor Barrett caught a 40 Lbs Wahoo. Wahoo normal starts appearing as from end of August into the month of September. Good catch guys!

White Double hookup.

Angler Tomi Korpipã was on a roll last week. He striked a double hookup, two whites at once. He landed only one, but sure gave him a freat fight.

one out of five!

Mr Reiher Sadise had an amazing day out on the 22nd July. During a 7 hour trip he striked 5 white marlin and caught also a Dourado. Out of the 5 whites, he landed one, weighing around 60lbs.

Albacore strikes

Mr Tomi Korpipã went out on Our Mary the 19th July. At round about 30 minutes into the trip he had his first strike. Very close to shore actualy. He landed a 50 lbs Albacore. Into the second half of the trip he had yet another strike, this time a white Marlin, but didnt do […]

200lbs Tuna

It seems the younger generation is showing how Big Game Fishing is done. Yesterday Morning, Passionate angler Steve Hunter, joined us once again but this time it was his 10 year old son that stiked a fish. He reeled in a 200 lbs Tuna. Well done young man!

15 year old Champ

Yesterday Morning 7th April, 15 year old Tom Beaumont, caught a 60Lbs Big Eye Tuna. The fish gave him a good fight, but he proved to have the skill for this type of fishing,

140lbs Tuna

The weather in the last few days has been inconstant, therefore not all anglers enjoy a choppy wave. Yesterday Mr Shapkin Ross, went out on a 4h Trip abourd Our Mary. After an hour trawling the strike hit, giving him a fight with a beauty, a 140 lbs Tuna.