25/05/22 – Released: 1 Tope Fish with 30Lbs and 1 Sting Ray 60 Lbs!

Yesterday the 25/05/22 we went out for a 7h half Big Game and half Bottom Fishing. A big thanks to all our clients that joined us for a great day of fishing. We where more lucky on the Bottom Fishing, where Mr Dominic Ryan released a Tope Fish with 30 Lbs, and Mr Martin Johnson released a Sting Ray with 60 Lbs! Tight lines fishermen!!

Here Mr Dominic Ryan in action with the Tope Fish!
Releasing of the Tope Fish with 30 Lbs!
Here we have Mr Martin Johnson just chilling with some Sting Ray action!

The release of the 60 Lbs Sting Ray!