02/06/23 – 3 Eagle Rays released, 1 Butterfly Ray released and 1 Moray Earl released 🎣🐟👍

Yesterday the 02/06/23 we went out for a 7 hour full day trip for some Bottom Fishing. This is the overall for the day: 3 Eagle Rays between 15 to 40 Lbs released; 1 Butterfly Ray with 30 Lbs released; 1 Moral Earl with about 10 Lbs released. Mr Andy still had a bight on his rod and faught about 2 hours and 30 minutes and then the fish pulled the hook and he lost it. We would like to thank Mr Andy Fieldhouse, Mr Evan Larson and Mr Kwok and thier guests for such a great day of fishing! Congratulations fishermen, and well done! Tight lines! 😊🐟🐠🎣